Critical phase

by Samuel Sighicelli on a libretto by Pierre Kuentz

with : Noémi Boutin, cello & voice; Claudine Simon, prepared piano & voice; Jacques Benoît Dardant, lights, Sabine Novel, movement

The cellist Noémi Boutin and the pianist Claudine Simon extend their instrumental playing to the spoken voice and to the gestures induced by a very physical score. Gestures, words and sounds – meeting electronics – unite to express a critical state, where everything is questioned, where desires and fears collide, where the human being, behind the instrument, will crack. The musicians move us by the pathetic heroism with which they cross this absurd critical phase. After the slogans of self-persuasion and the lists of desires comes the time of a more personal and interior speech. The intimacy found, the sound and the time widen, here is that the ear opens, letting resurface the childhood which had remained lurking in the shade…