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Concept, creation, performance : Claudine Simon ; Sound  : Laurent Sassi ;  Scenography : Rudy Decelière ; outside view : Pau Simon ; Piano luthery : Thomas Garcin ; Stage and general management : Théo Vacheron Creation at Musica Festival – 28-29 September 2023 – Strasbourg Anatomia is a piano recital and an exhibition. Franz […]


We no longer see the image of the landscape, we see the landscape of the image – Jacques Perconte © Claudine Simon (prepared piano) and Christian Sebille (electronics) both have a relationship with musical writing, even if their training and career paths have been dissimilar. Claudine Simon, diverting the instrument she has always played, questions […]

Duo Simon | Trelcat

Claudine SIMON : prepared and hybrid piano Vivien TRELCAT : electonical lutherie In the first half of the 20th century, the composers Henry Cowell and John Cage considerably extended the field of possibilities of the piano. The first went inside the instrument to manipulate the strings directly. The second inserted various objects between the strings […]


Performative, visual and sound experience Creation on March 10th 2021, Scène Nationale d’Orléans Claudine Simon : conception, performing pianist – Vivien Trelcat : computer lutherie, machine performer – Pauline Simon : choreographic vision – Franck Lemonde : texts – Jacques-Benoit Dardant : lights, scenography, general management – Collectif Sonopopée (Vivien Trelcat, Max Lance, Nicolas Canot) […]

Comment s’en sortir sans sortir

direction and scenography : Frédérique Aït-Touati – Musical creation and play : Elise Dabrowski voice, double bass & Claudine Simon prepared piano, voice – Acousmatic music : Eric Broitmann – Lights and general management : Emmanuel Sauldubois – Choreographic support : Pauline Simon – Costumes : Céline Pigeot – Assistant director : Nina Ayachi – […]

Critical phase

by Samuel Sighicelli on a libretto by Pierre Kuentz with : Noémi Boutin, cello & voice; Claudine Simon, prepared piano & voice; Jacques Benoît Dardant, lights, Sabine Novel, movement The cellist Noémi Boutin and the pianist Claudine Simon extend their instrumental playing to the spoken voice and to the gestures induced by a very physical […]

Chant d’hiver

Conception, direction by Samuel Sighicelli – Text, Tanguy Viel. An alchemy between Schubert’s Winterreise (“Winter Journey”) and the glacial adventure of a researcher in Antarctica. Winter Song is a musical and scenic plunge into the Antarctic polar night, carried by the story freely inspired by a scientific mission of glaciologist Claude Lorius in 1984. During […]


Choreography: Sébastien Laurent – Original music: Claudine Simon and Eric Broitmann – Performance: Claudine Simon and Sébastien Laurent – Electroacoustic music: Eric Broitmann – Assistant to the choreography and dramaturgy: Pauline Simon – Lighting: Xavier Libois – Set design: Frédéric Hocké and Violaine Decazenove – Production: Compagnie Moi Peau SOLI.DES: two solos that affirm their […]

Der Riss

Elise Dabrowski : vocals, double bass & Claudine Simon : prepared piano. “RISS is the name of this duo. RISS as in fault or crack: the fault that lets the air in and circulates and allows communication between many musical worlds. The two musicians do not want to settle on one approach to music and […]

Phase music

“Phase Music” brings together musicians and visual artists around American minimalist repetitive music. This performance gives us access to another type of listening, it allows us to follow the effects of sound and to glimpse its “magical” power. A state of auditory fascination results from the principles of insensitive transformations at work in the pieces […]