Entries by Claudine Simon

Phase music

“Phase Music” brings together musicians and visual artists around American minimalist repetitive music. This performance gives us access to another type of listening, it allows us to follow the effects of sound and to glimpse its “magical” power. A state of auditory fascination results from the principles of insensitive transformations at work in the pieces […]

Cabaret lunaire

An intellectual and subversive review, which handles satire and black humor in a grating and poetic atmosphere inspired by the Berlin cabaret of pre-war. An authentic cabaret of today, the result of a collective work guided by Pierre Meunier, the show’s leader, from the proposals of the five musicians, the conductor, the singer and an […]

Once upon a time

Once upon a time is an instrumental theater show where the music, through its dramatic dimension and its gestures, takes on a humorous, critical, parodic or esoteric character… On the menu: Living-room music for percussion and “discussion quartet” which, like Satie’s furniture music, suspends time and can be tasted like a snapshot; then a composition […]