We no longer see the image of the landscape, we see the landscape of the image – Jacques Perconte ©

Claudine Simon (prepared piano) and Christian Sebille (electronics) both have a relationship with musical writing, even if their training and career paths have been dissimilar.
Claudine Simon, diverting the instrument she has always played, questions her intimate relationship with the piano. Christian Sebille, on the other hand, seeks to rediscover the pleasure of immediate instrumental play and develops controlled electronic lutherie.

The exploration of timbres within the piano constitutes the sound material of the transformations operated by the electronics. The improvisation is built through the dialogue between the two musicians thanks to the coming and going of sonorities and musical proposals.

Then, reminiscences and evanescent ghosts appear between the materials and the sound features of three preludes by Claude Debussy. These quotations constitute the axes of perspective of the walk. The landscape changes and metamorphoses between the thickness of the sounds, the memories that form our memory and the new discovery of a never seen panorama. We await the next angle and the surprise of another perspective.