Comme un pays supplémentaire (like another country)

Play for young audiences, sound and visual creation

premiered in 2025
approx. 40 minutes

Claudine Simon : writing, performance
Fred Hocké : set design
Etienne Demoulin : sound engineer

An open piano is placed on the floor on small legs.

You can see its : strings, pegs, small hammers and gold-coloured metal frame.
You can hear it : melodies, percussive sounds, strange sounds
You can visit it : a little train will take you to inaccessible places
You can scatter it around : a few pieces of key on the floor, a few accessories
You can transform your vision : it changes scale
scale, it becomes immense, it becomes a city, an entire world

This piece is a sonic and visual exploration in search of the secrets hidden inside a piano. We can appreciate its melodic qualities or its power when it manifests itself like a percussion orchestra. All this happens by chance through movement and encounters with the material.
It’s a sort of celebration of beauty, the beauty of things, the beauty of sound, the beauty of the fleeting and the ephemeral…


A unique installation

A miniature electric train laid on a circuit on the floor. Objects belonging to the piano (keys, hammers, small mechanisms, springs) or to preparations (clothes pegs, balls, brushes, etc.) are placed on either side of the train.

The train then sets off. An LED light fixed to the front sweeps across the space, creating a shadow effect on the walls of the room, while a micro-canon fixed to the top amplifies the sounds of the journey.

Objects scattered on the floor take on a completely different form and appearance. The closer they are to the spotlight, the more imposing their shadows become. Little by little, these figures take on the shape of an urban landscape, the projected black touches becoming gigantic buildings that stand out against the walls…

Our position as spectators is turned upside down. This miniature train, and the phantasmagoria associated with its movement, transforms us into travellers on an unexpected journey, transporting us into an astonishing, improbable universe, provoking an immediate effect of interaction with the performance.